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JOCA Group Founded in 2005, locates in Shanghai with 7,000m2 of standard production plants and advanced R&D laboratories.Our company is equipped with a full set of product testing equipment and environmental testing equipment.Our products mainly supply Solar system cable, Solar panel cable, PV i...

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Solar photovoltaic (PV) cables

Photovoltaic power generation system cable:Photovoltaic power generation system cable, including connections from modules to modules, connections from modules to combiner boxes, connections from combiner boxes to inverters, inverters to transformers, transformers to power grids, and other complete... 2022-10-03
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    Advantages of Single Core Solar Cable

    Compared with traditional cables, single-core solar cables have significant advantages. First, they have lower resistance, which reduces power dissipation and energy loss. Secondly, the materials used in single-core solar cables are all environmentally friendly and in line with the concept and requi...
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    The important role of solar cables

    As a vital part of a solar power generation system, the quality and performance of solar cables have an important impact on the safety and power generation efficiency of the entire system. Appropriate solar cables can ensure the long-term stable operation of the system and maximize the use of solar...
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    The future development trend of solar cables

    With the rapid growth of the renewable energy market, the installed capacity of solar power systems is also expanding. Therefore, the demand for solar cables will continue to increase and drive the continuous development of its technology and performance. The following are several important trends i...

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