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Classification of solar cables
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According to different application requirements and system scale, solar cables can be divided into direct current (DC) cables and alternating current (AC) cables. DC cables are mainly used for power transmission between solar panels and between solar panels and inverters, and are characterized by low voltage and high current. The AC cable carries the output power of the solar power station and transmits it in the grid, which is characterized by high voltage and high current.


In addition, solar cables can also be classified according to their insulation material, conductor shape and number of cores. Polyethylene (PV) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are commonly used insulating materials, which are suitable for different application environments and temperature conditions. Conductor shapes include round and flat, which are generally selected according to specific installation conditions. The number of wire cores is determined according to the requirements and power of the system, which can be single-core, double-core or multi-core solar cables.

Classification of solar cables

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